Located just south of Galice (pronounced "Ga-leek-ee" by the locals) in the coastal range of Southern Oregon.  The Sasquatch 50k is run on 97% single track trail through fern laden old growth timber, just the place for mythical creatures to hang out.  The race starts in the historic Briggs Valley with Chrome Ridge to the north and Onion Mountain to the south.  This area was once used for mining and logging operations that have long gone but have been replaced Elk, Cougar, Bob Cat, Bear and Sasquatch...did we mention poison oak?  While you are running through this beautiful area be sure to keep an eye out for our furry friends and don't be distracted by a "squirrel!".  Race HQ will be at the shelter in Sam Brown Campground, with camping available the night before and lunch at the end for all participants (a small fee for crew/family/friends).

 This classic beginner 50k(the race directors attempt at humor) starts at Sam Brown Campground.

The 50k follows the same route as the relay...stitch my 3 leg's description for the 50k.

Leg 1: Starts at the shelter in Sam Brown Campground and heads down the Briggs Creek trail and loops back through the park before crossing over Briggs creek on to the Secret Creek Trail.  Once on the Secret Creek Trail you will head southwest and circumnavigate the base of Horse Mountain, there is one road crossing in this section.  At Secret Creek Campground (mile 2.5) you will head up the Horse Mountain Trail (heading east) to the saddle and the technical downhill to the Horse Creek crossing.  From this crossing you will connect to the Taylor Creek Trail (mile 7 aid station) and head up a very runnable 3 mile section.  Once on the Lone Tree Ridge, it is a rolling 1.2 miles to the Lone Tree Pass Aid Station (mile 11 & 24). 

Leg 2 exchange: Once you reach Lone Tree Pass, the exchange for runner 1 & 2(NF road 2509) you head down for approximately 7.5 miles to the turn-a-round at the lowest Taylor Creek trailhead.  This next section starts off on very nice trail and turns technical and steep about 1 mile out and then flattens out to super-fast trail.  You will run for the next 6ish miles paralleling the creek and Taylor Creek road.  At English Meadow (mile 16) you will head another 1/2 mile to the lowest Taylor Creek Trailhead and the turn-a-round, you will reload your water bottle(s) and head back out for the return trip up to Lone Tree Pass (2500ft over the 7.5 miles) on the same trail, be respectful of runners traveling uphill on this section.   

Leg 3 exchange: Before you start the climb to Lone Tree Pass you will come to the Minnow Creek crossing(NF road 665), this will be the exchange for runner 2 & 3. Once you hit Lone Tree pass on the return trip(mile 24) enjoy the gently rolling downhill to the Secret Creek Trailhead (mile 28) and cross the Horse Creek back toward the Horse Mt Trail.  At the Horse Mt/Secret Creek trail intersection stay to your right and head out to the final road crossing and the gently rolling section(and 1 more creek crossing!!) back around Sam Brown Camp Ground and the finish line..


Creek crossings, there will 4, bring dry shoes for when your done!

ALL road crossings will be manned by at least one volunteer, smile and say "Thank you!".

Elevation change...eh, about 5800ft.


Race date; 3rd Saturday in May!!

Start Time, promptly at 7:28am

Cut-off, if you are not to the Lower Taylor Creek Trailhead turn by 11:41am...YOU’RE DONE!

Race rules; the usual and including but not limited to "if you have to ask the answer is...NO!"


Well stocked Aid Stations at miles 5/10/13/16.5/21/24/27


Crew access at most aid stations via drive up access on noted National Forest roads.  Secret Creek/Taylor Creek Trail (mile 7 & 28) NF-121, Lone Tree Pass (mile 11 & 24) NF-2509, Minnow Creek (mile 14 & 20) NF-665 and Burnt Timber Road NF-035. 


We will be using 8.5x11 signage shown here for road marking starting at Taylor Creek Road(NF-25) up to Sam Brown Campground as well as for trail marking on the course.  On the course we will have arrows and some mileage noted. 






Event Date|time

May, 20 2017

7:50am start time


Thanks to all that participated in our SOFA running this year!!


Name                                         Distance           Time(unofficial)                  Comments

Bob Julian                                 50k                      4:52:20                                  Free entry into 2017 for being the first male to finish!!

Elisabeth Phillips-Jones        50k                      5:15:00                                  Free entry into 2017 for being the first female to finish!!

Kyle Carson                               50k                      5:15:00

Ben Grass                                   50k                      5:30:00

John Price                                  50k                      5:45:00

Robert Hodge                           50k                      6:09:20

Logan Brown                             50k                      6:12:00

Elisa Brown                                50k                      6:30:00

Joshua Minchow                      50k                      6:38:00

Jim Dole                                      50k                     6:40:00

Christopher Yucho                   50k                      7:30:00

Johanna Blanchard                  29 miles             6:40                                  

Joe Blanchard                            29 miles            6:40

Rob Cain                                      27 miles            5:50ish

Molly Schmelzle                        25 miles            NTR

Heather Stadinsky                    22 miles             4:00:00

Larry Hunt                                   20 miles            3:50:00

Mahlea Rasmassen                   18 miles             4:00:00

Becky Kagen                               15 miles              NTR

Dana Pabst                                  15 miles              NTR

Neeka, Jim & Bree                     10 mile relay     NTR





How to get to Sam Brown Campground; From the north or south on I-5 take exit 61 to Merlin, allow 1 hour from I-5 to Sam Brown Camp Ground!  Drive west to Merlin on the Merlin/Galice road, roughly 3.5 miles and stay on this road and follow the signage to Indian Mary Park.  Continue past Indian Mary Park for another 1.5 miles, as you come down the hill you will see Morrison's rogue River Lodge on the right, you will take the next left on NF-25(8.5 mile from I-5) after the Taylor Creek bridge (it isa small bridge unlike the Hellgate bridge you came over just before Indian Mary Park).  Use caution on the NF-25 for the next 10 mile, it is a VERY winding road!  It is 10 slow miles to Lone Tree Pass, once there, continue on NF-25 until you see the signs for Sam Brown Camp Ground on the right.  Race HQ will be the first left after you cross Briggs creek and set up at the shelter in Sam Brown Campground.


We HIGHLY recommend staying at Sam Brown Campground or Indian Mary Campground as it is a long slow drive up Taylor Creek road.  There are 27 dry camp spaces at Sam Brown and many more at Indian Mary(about a 30 minute drive to the start/finish line!!).  The race directors and support staff will be camping out the night before, come join the fun we promise not to ask you for too much help!