How to get to Sam Brown Campground; From the north or south on I-5 take exit 61 to Merlin, allow 1 hour from I-5 to Sam Brown Camp Ground!  Drive west to Merlin on the Merlin/Galice road, roughly 3.5 miles and stay on this road and follow the signage to Indian Mary Park.  Continue past Indian Mary Park for another 1.5 miles, as you come down the hill you will see Morrison's rogue River Lodge on the right, you will take the next left on NF-25(8.5 mile from I-5) after the Taylor Creek bridge (it isa small bridge unlike the Hellgate bridge you came over just before Indian Mary Park).  Use caution on the NF-25 for the next 10 mile, it is a VERY winding road!  It is 10 slow miles to Lone Tree Pass, once there, continue on NF-25 until you see the signs for Sam Brown Camp Ground on the right.  Race HQ will be the first left after you cross Briggs creek and set up at the shelter in Sam Brown Campground.


We HIGHLY recommend staying at Sam Brown Campground or Indian Mary Campground as it is a long slow drive up Taylor Creek road.  There are 27 dry camp spaces at Sam Brown and many more at Indian Mary(about a 30 minute drive to the start/finish line!!).  The race directors and support staff will be camping out the night before, come join the fun we promise not to ask you for too much help!